Aquarius Tattoos

Water Bearer Tattoo

Aquarius SignIf you're like most people born under the Aquarius sign, you've got a creative streak, an individual spirit, and a talent for arts. An Aquarius tattoo can help you express all of that...

That being said, cool aquarius tattoos are hard to find in my opinion. A lot of them are not very pretty...

Anyway, you might need a little information to help you choose and design your Aquarius tattoo...


Aquarius Sign Tattoos

Aquarius tattoos may be something you consider if you were born between January 20th and February 19th.

Aquarius Tattoo

The Aquarius sign - a glyph made of two stacked, horizontal waves - is universally recognizable and a standard zodiac tattoo. There are many variations that can be made on this basic design. The waves could be altered in shape, perhaps to take on more of a blade-like shape or a less jagged form, making it more like calligraphy. You also could add surrounding elements, like water droplets or a wave in the background.

Here are some tattoo ideas to get your started:


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Aquarius sign tattoo design Aquarius symbol tattoo design Aquarius sign tattoo design
Aquarius sign tattoo design Aquarius sign tattoo design combined with flowers and butterflies Pretty aquarius sign tattoo design
Tribal aquarius tattoo design Tribal aquarius sign tattoo design Aquarius symbol tattoo design
Aquarius tattoo design with flowers Aquarius tattoo design Tattoo of the aquarius symbol with a heart and stars
Aquarius sign tattoo and wave Aquarius sign tattoo on a girl's neck


Aquarians are associated with:

Aquarians are supposed to have these characteristics:

But also these:


Water Bearer Tattoos

Aquarius Tattoo Design

Many Aquarians also ink themselves with a water bearer, traditionally a man (believed in ancient Greece to be the god Aquarius) pouring water out of a jug or urn. This man is sometimes kneeling or standing or has his back turned, and turns up just as often as a young, muscular kind of guy as an old, bearded man. The water bearer is the symbol for the Gods nourishing our earth.

Other common Aquarius tattoos replace the male water bearer with a beautiful woman, bathing or emptying urns. Other posibilities are water nymphs, mermaids, or even the god Poseidon hoisting his trident. These sea-people are usually swimming, making intricate designs with their bodies or tails, or bursting from the waves.


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Aquarius water bearer tattoo design Tribal aquarius tattoo design Aquarius tattoo design
Aquarius tattoo design Aquarius woman tattoo design Aquarius girl tattoo design
Aquarius tattoo design Aquarius girl tattoo design Swirly aquarius tattoo design
Cool aquarius tattoo Aquarius tattoo design (with lotus flowers) Aquarius tattoo design


Personalizing Your Aquarius Tattoo

As with most zodiac tattoos, part of the fun of an Aquarius tattoo is finding ways to take the traditional, expected designs and tweak them to make them more personalized. You can adapt your Aquarius tattoo to reflect your personality, culture or the tattoo's meaning in a variety of ways:


Tribal Aquarius Tattoo


Outside the Jug

There's no need for horoscope tattoos to be so literal, though. There are plenty of ways to show your Aquarius pride without being traditional. Any aquatic imagery should work...

Here are some more aquarius ideas:


In the end, your options are only as limited as your imagination and your tattoo artist's ink and talent. You can get an Aquarius tattoo that expresses anything you like, from a life situation to feelings for a loved one, from your personal outlook on life to your cultural background. Or, you can just get a good, old-fashioned Aquarius tattoo that still shows the world who you are - an Aquarius, open-minded, artistic, and stubbornly your own person.


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