Bad Tattoos Top 50

The tattoos on this page are ugly, bad tattoos. Some are really bad... Take these as an example and make sure you look for a good artist! Tattoos gone bad...

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Bad Angel Tattoo Bad Alien Tattoo Bad Biker Tattoo
Bad Car Tattoo Bad flower tattoo Bad Friendship Tattoo
Raiders fan tattoo Bad bear tattoo Ugly portrait tattoo of a girl
Bad Portrait Tattoo Eyebrow tattoo gone bad Bad stars tattoo on face
Horrible portrait tattoo of 2 girls Boy with a misspelled tattoo on his back Bad Tattoo
Bad Tattoo Designs Ugly family portrait tattoo Bad portrait tattoo
Bad Britney Spears tattoo Man with ugly face tattoos Really bad face tattoo
Ugly Barbie tattoo on a girl's face Horrible portrait tattoos on a man's back Crappy Face Tattoo
Bad portrait tattoos Realy Bad Face Tattoo Ugly tattoo
Bad pin up tattoo Bad Hello Kitty tattoo on a man's face Very ugly tattoos on a man's back
Horrible Jesus tattoo Really Bad Tribal Tattoo Horrible face tattoo
Eye tattoo gone bad Tattoo Gone Bad Tattoos Gone Bad

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