Celebrity Tattoos

Arguably, celebrity tattoos are the whole reason why tattooing is so popular and so widely accepted today. A few decades ago, a tattoo was seen as evidence that someone wasn't quite 'respectable'. Tattoos, especially on women, were always a bit controversial. Famous stars and their tattoos changed all that.

When celebrities started getting tattoos and flashing them publicly, it did a lot for the public’s perception of tattooing. After all, celebrities are the closest thing we have to royalty – they tend to function as role models for the rest of us, for better or for worse. When celebrity tattoos became public knowledge, it seemed to give the rest of us permission to get inked ourselves.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Angelina Jolie

The Queen of celebrity tattoos is undoubtedly Angelina Jolie, famous for her multiple tats – at least a dozen, at last count.

Angelina Jolie’s tattoos can also be a bit of a challenge for movie makeup crews to cover up – putting all that aside, though, they are a creative and fascinating expression of her individuality and personal philosophy. Examples include a saying in Arabic that means “will” or “determination”, and the phrase “know your rights” in gothic letters across the top of her back.

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Megan Fox's Tattoos

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has 8 designs that we know of. Most of them are text tattoos.








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Justin Timberlake Tattoo

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is a celebrity that is no stranger to tattoos either.

He has 6 tattoo designs on his body, including a cross tattoo on his shoulder, a guardian angel tattoo on his back, some Chinese characters and an Aquarius tattoo.

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Lil Wayne's Tattoos

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is literally full of tattoos, it's hard to put an exact number on them. Most of his designs are text tattoos.

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Johnny Depp Tattoo

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s tattoos express his quirky personality and sense of humor. A banner on his arm that used to read “ Winona forever”, in honor of actress Winona Ryder, was altered – or should we say edited – after his breakup with Ryder and now reads “Wino forever”!

Depp’s other tattoos include a tribute to his mother and his daughter, a skull on his ankle with the words “Death is certain”, and, most puzzling, the number 3 between his thumb and index finger!