Crazy Tattoos Gallery

Here's a photo gallery with the 50 most crazy tattoos on the planet. I call them crazy, but I don't mean to be disrespectful. Some of these tattoo designs are crazy in a good way, although some of them are way over the top for my taste...

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Aliens Tattoo Man with a full face tattoo Crazy Eyes Tattoo
Crazy Face Tattoo Crazy Face Tattoos Crazy Giraffe Tattoo
Crazy Skull Tattoo Crazy Star Tattoo Crazy Tiger Tattoo
Full Body Tattoo Full Face Tattoo Slit wrist tattoo
Woman with an ice cream face tattoo Lizard man Man with a crazy face tattoo
Man with a full face tattoo (Maori style) Woman with a full body tattoo Man with a full body tattoo
Black light tattoo (uv) Man with a groceries tattoo on his back Snail face tattoo
Face tattoo Abdominal tattoo Tramp tattoo
Woman with a full face tattoo Crazy tattoos Matchstick man tattoo
Gothic face tattoo Head tattoo Crazy Monkey Tattoo
Eyelid tattoo Tribal Face Tattoo Dog girl tattoo
Eye tattoo on the back of a guy's head Nipple tattoo Clown face tattoo


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