Cute Tattoos

So you're ready for some new ink. You have delved into your soul to find the purest expression of your inner self, and you have clarified the conclusion a single word: cute. There is great power in cuteness, and you want that power to be yours, permanently....

The real question is: what kind of cute are you looking for? There are different kinds of cute, and the kind of cute tattoo you choose for yourself will have a huge impact on how people see you and how you see yourself.

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Girly Cute

Cute rabbit tattoo

Girly cute is the most obvious kind of cute, the one that has been in our perception since we were children.

Cartoon characters, images from the movies and books of our childhood, baby animals, and of course, ponies and unicorns: these are the icons of cuteness at its most pure and perfect level. These cutes will place your inner child at the front of your personality and show the people you meet what a playful spirit you truly are.


Sexy Cute

Cute fairy tattoo

Sexy cute is no child's play. This is the realm of nymphs and fairies, where Tim Burton-esque characters romp and frolic, and the occasional fantasy warrior princess welds a sword to let you know that she rules, even though she is wearing a bikini.

Images both dark and playful, delicate flowers and permanent ribbons, and phoenixes and felines are the stuff of the sexy cute tattoo. Sexy cute walks a fine line, between the innocent girl and the sultry vixen.


Smart Cute

Cute skull tattoo

Smart cute tattoos are the ones we find on librarians, bespectacled baristas, and college girls that are too intelligent for their own good.

Obscure references to strange cartoons, literary characters, vintage typewriters, and abstract scrollwork winding around some rarely exposed stretch of skin: these tattoos mark you as a woman to be reckoned with. Pop surrealist art and snippets of skulls and indie album cover art - you are smart enough to be confidently strange and quietly alluring.




Here's a flash gallery full of cute tattoos. Click on the thumbnails to view the full design...


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Ladybug tattoo Text tattoo design: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger Big rose tribal
Violets design Ladybug tattoo on wrist Cute flower on a girl's shoulder
Cute tattoo design Cute Little Tattoos Cute heart tattoo
Woman with a big bow tattoo on her belly Pixie tattoo Cute text tattoo
Girl with a small bow tattoo Footprints tattoo Love and hearts tattoo
Sad fairy tattoo Tattoo of 2 birds flying around a flower Panda tattoo
Girl with a pink stars design on her side Elephant tattoo on foot Portrait tattoo of a baby and her father
Lipstick tattoo on a woman's neck Hello Kitty tattoo Hello Kitty tattoo on a girl's shoulder
Cute Bird Tattoo Cute Fairy Tattoo Flower tattoo art
Curly flower and stars on a girl's side Curly stars design on a girl's arm Cute stars tattoo behind a girl's ear
Cute flowers tattoo Footprints tattoo above ankle Hands giving heart tattoo design
Cute flower tattoo with stars Feminine lower back tattoo Cute skull tattoo with pink bow
Letter tattoo on a woman's chest 2 cute birds on a branch design Pink bow tattoo on a woman's side
Swirly stars tattoo Bows and diamonds tattoo 2 girls with matching owl tattoos
Cute Tattoo Idea Cute star tattoo idea Dog tattoo design
Tattoo of a Japanese girl Cute cat tattoo Penguin tattoo
Star wave design on a woman's shoulder Quote tattoo on a girl's side Quote on a girl's arm: Time doesn't wait for anyone
Teddy Bear Tattoo Lower back flower tattoo Cute butterfly tattoo
Girl with a quote tattoo on her side: My true frieds, you mean the world to me Baby footprint tattoo Cute elephant design
Toddler tattoo Ladybug heart tattoo Daisies and ladybug tattoo
Moons tattoo design Eeyore tattoo design Cute lotus tattoo design
Pink banner tattoo with name and small butterflies Cute dragonfly design on a woman's neck Cute portrait
Fleur de lis tattoo design Angel quote tattoo design Cute heart tattoo design
Lion King tattoo Girl with a swirly flowers tattoo on her side Girl with angel wings
Elephant tattoos on a woman's spine Pawprint tattoo Small angel tattoo
Cute angel tattoo design Cupcake tattoo Cute tattoo design with flowers and paisley
Ladybug tattoo on a woman's shoulder Butterflies tribal Cute portrait tattoo
Lily tattoo design Daisy and hearts tattoo design Cute bee design
Cute girl tattoo Cute skull tattoo on a girl's back Cute dinosaur tattoo


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