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Gemini Tattoo Design

Gemini TattoosGemini tattoos are obviously related to the Gemini zodiac sign. Most of those who choose a Gemini tattoo were either: born under that zodiac sign themselves, or they want to pay homage to someone who was. In some rare cases, however, the Gemini tattoo is a symbol of the actual Gemini constellation.


The Legend

Gemini Tattoo Art

In Greek mythology, it’s said that Gemini is linked to the twin sons of Zeus and and Leda: Castor and Pollux (Gemini is the Latin word for "twins"). Legend says that Castor was mortal while Pollux was immortal. One of the twins was in some trouble – involving stolen cattle – while the other was innocent.

On star maps, the twins are usually shown near the Milky Way, with one of the twins inside the Milky Way, and the other outside the Milky Way, which is thought to represent the one twin who was stealing cattle and the other who simply looked on.


The Gemini Sign

Those who are born between May 22 and June 21 are of the Gemini sign. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and represented by human twins, symbolizing the “twin” nature of people born under this astrological sign.


Gemini tattoo: sign with butterflies


The Gemini sign is:

  • Masculine
  • Positive
  • An air sign
  • Connected with the planet Mercury

And here are Gemini's associations:

  • Stone: Agate
  • Color: yellow and rainbow
  • Metal: mercury
  • Flower: Lily of the Valley

Geminis and are said to have the following characteristics:

  • Nervous and have a tense nature
  • An upbeat approach to life
  • A witty nature
  • Optimistic
  • Self-involved
  • Intellectual and curious
  • Charming
  • Idealistic, but naive
  • Versatile and have the ability to take change well
  • Superficial
  • A childish nature and immature


The Gemini Symbol

Gemini Tattoos

The Gemini horoscope sign is represented by a simple design that looks like the Roman numeral II.

The Gemini constellation on the other hand looks like a string of lines and numbers. Although these lines and numbers represent the stars and their locations in the constellation. Often the wearer must explain the tattoo because the casual observer may have no idea what the lines and letters mean.



Gemini Sign Tattoo



Gemini Tattoo Art

Twins Tattoos

People who choose to get a Gemini tattoo believe in the zodiac system and want to represent their zodiac sign. . A horoscope tattoo is a popular choice for a first tattoo, so often the Gemini tattoo will be basic and small and often located on an arm or a leg


Although Gemini tattoos are usually fairly simple, some wearers choose to augment the basic tattoo with other designs and flourishes, such as the zodiac sign’s flower (Lilly of the Valley) or a representation of the sign’s lucky number – 5.


Gemini Tattoos


Celtic Gemini Tattoos

Celtic Gemini Tattoo

A tattoo of a Celtic Gemini is much more elaborate with Celtic knots and patterns intermingled with the simple Gemini twin symbol. They are usually found in only black ink with some occasional fading around the lines, but they can also be very colorful and lively.

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The Chinese Gemini

In the Chinese horoscope, the equivalent of the astrological Gemini is thought to be the horse, which is quick witted and whose lunar month is June 6 to July 6.

Here are the Chinese symbols for the Gemini sign:


Chinese Tattoo Gemini


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The Gemini Constellation Tattoo

Gemini Zodiac Tattoos

The most common location for the Gemini constellation tattoo is the arm or leg. Because the design naturally flows vertically, it’s often found on these vertical body surfaces.

Rarely are these gemini tattoos in anything other than black ink, but sometimes they might be outlined in a color other than black.  Now and then you’ll find some elaborate design attached to the constellation graphic.

The two most important stars of the Gemini are called Castor (the head of the right twin) and Pollux (the head of the left twin).


Celebrities With Gemini Tattoos

Courtney Cox (Friends) has a white Gemini tattoo on her stomach. Do you know more celebrities with a gemini tattoo?