Octopus Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Octopus tattoo design

Tattoos invite alot of attention and anyone who has a visible tattoo knows that strangers aren't shy about asking what the meaning behind the tattoo is. There are several common reasons for choosing to make an octopus tattoo (or a squid tattoo) a permanent part of your appearance, its symbolic meaning being one of them:



Octopus tattoo design


Octopus Tattoo Styles

Octopus tattoos basically come in 2 styles:


Octopus tattoo design


Popular placements

Where are you going to place your octopus tattoo? Here are some popular placements:

The anatomy of an octopus, with it's flexible traveling limbs, lends itself to the creation of a large tattoo and a non-classic placement. For example:

The back, chest, legs and shoulders are the most popular spots for a larger octopus design.

Nice locations for smaller octopus tattoos include the nape of your neck, foot, ankle, hip, wrist, and around the bellybutton. The bellybutton is an especially fun location for this type of tattoo because the tentacles can expand in eight different directions while the navel serves as the central body of the animal.


The Gallery

Check out our octopus tattoo gallery, click the thumbnails for a full view of pictures and designs:


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Octopus tattoo Biomechanic octopus tattoo Grey octopus tattoo
Squid and flowers tattoo design Tribal octopus tattoo design Black octopus tattoo design
Half sleeve octopus tattoo Octopus tattoo on shoulder Octopus tatoo on a girl's shoulder
Octopus and anchor tattoo design Grey octopus tattoo design Realistic octopus tattoo design
Pink octopus tattoo design Octopus and wave tattoo design Red octopus tattoo design
Orange octopus tattoo on a woman's arm Octopus lady tattoo Black octopus tattoo on shoulder
Cute octopus tattoo design Blue squid tattoo design Octopus and heart tattoo design
Angry octopus tattoo Octopus and ship tattoo Angry octopus tattoo
Ocotopus tattoo design Tribal squid tattoo design Octopus and anchor tattoo design
Blue ring octopus tattoo design Lady octopus tattoo design Purple octopus tattoo design
Squid tattoo on leg Funny octopus and squirrel tattoo Octopus tattoo on hand
Yellow octopus tattoo design Octopus and anchor tattoo design
Purple octopus and diamond tattoo Japanese octopus tattoo design Orange ringed octopus tattoo on a man's arm
Octopus and heart tattoo design Octopus tattoo art Octopus and anchor tattoo design
Blue ringed octopus tattoo Octopus and flowers tattoo Octopus tattoo on arm
Tribal octopus tattoo design Kraken and pirate ship tattoo design Red octopus tattoo design
Octopus and flowers tattoo design Octopus tattoo Giant squid tattoo
Girl with an octopus tattoo on her arm Tribal octopus tattoo Tribal octopus tattoo on a girl's back


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