Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoo design

Are you aware that rose tattoos are one of the most popular choices amongst women today? While butterfly and fairy tattoos are also highly popular feminine designs, the rose is something that can be easily incorporated into almost any design and modified to the exact shape, color and size that you want.  There are some aspects you need to keep in mind when choosing a rose tattoo...


Rose Tattoos on a Man

Roses have always been praised for their beauty. Their symbolic meaning goes way back into history:

  • For the Romans and Ancient Greeks the rose represented love and beauty. They identified the flower with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
  • For Christians the rose represents the Virgin Mary (The Mystical Rose).
  • Roses were used in Ancient Egypt to worship the Goddess Isis, the ideal mother and wife.

When choosing a rose tattoo design, your first step should be taking some time to decide what you are most interested in.  Is it important for you that a tattoo projects a specific meaning?  Do you have a specific design or color that you are interested in?

Rose tattoos often incorporate an additional element, the most popular being:

  • A butterfly: a natural combination.
  • A banner with the name of a beloved one.
  • A dagger: the love-hate relationship
  • Barbed wire around the rose vine: love can hurt and is not without risk.
  • A cross: memorial tattoo for a beloved one.
  • A skull: can be a memorial tattoo, as well as other meanings.


Here's a flash gallery with some examples:


Lower back rose tattoo design


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Man with a rose tattoo on his neck Purple rose tattoo Tribal roses tattoo on a girl's shoulder
Purple rose and stars tattoo on a woman's back Blue rose tattoo Red rose tattoo with the words Mum and Dad
Rose Tattoo Rose Snake Tattoo Rose Skull Tattoo
Blue rose tattoo Blue rose tattoo Classic rose tattoo
Roses tattoo with swirls Rose with vine and ladybugs tattoo Realistic rose tattoo design
Yellow rose tattoo with wings Red rose tattoo Rose and key tattoo
Rose tattoo design Realistic rose tattoo design Lower back rose tattoo
Rose hearts tattoo design Cross tattoo with roses Cute rose tattoo in a circle
Big rose tattoo on a girl's shoulder Red roses tattoo on a woman's upper arm Girl with a roses tattoo on her chest
Girl with a big rose tattoo on her neck Girl with a compass rose tattoo on her shoulder


For most people, a rose tattoo symbolizes love. This leads many to the traditional red rose, though there are several other colors that also offer significant meaning:

  • Red roses: love, romantic feelings, passion
  • Yellow roses: joy, friendship
  • Pink roses: gentleness, admiration
  • White roses: purity, spiritual love, innocence
  • Orange roses: fascination
  • Rosebuds: youth
  • Red and white roses together: unity
  • A thornless rose: love at first sight
  • A single rose: I love you


Of course it's entirely possible that rose tattoos have a completely different symbolic meaning for you, something personal and unique.

Tribal Rose Tattoos

Here are some examples of tribal rose tattoos. The designs can picture a stylized version of a rose (usually black) or incorporate a rose in tribal patterns.


Tribal Rose Tattoo (Black)


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Feminine tribal rose tattoo design Tribal rose tattoo + design Tribal rose tattoo design


Black Rose Tattoos

One design that is not as common, but still makes a great looking piece is a black rose tattoo. These are quite unique and usually very stylish. The black rose is also a popular emo and gothic design. It combines the romanticism of a red rose with the color of death.

A black rose was also used by the Irish as a symbol of rebellion against the British, who had a red rose as a symbol.


Black rose tattoo design


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Swirly black rose tattoo design Swirly rose tattoo Black rose tattoo design


Celebrities With a Rose Tattoo

  • Ricky Martin: singer with a rose heart.
  • Heather Locklear: has a rose heart tattoo just above her right ankle. It's a broken heart out of which comes the rose. Above it is the name "Finch", her boyfriend.
  • Cher: has a black rose on her ankle.
  • Holly Marie Combs: has a rose tattoo on her left shoulder.
  • Richie Sambora: has a cross and rose on his arm. Above it is the word "God", below the word "Faith".
  • Slash: has a skull tattoo with guns and roses on his left biceps.
  • Vinnie Jones: has a classic rose tattoo on his arm.
  • Mary J Blige: has a rose on her left thigh.
  • Holly Marie Combs: has a rose on her right shoulder.
  • Lady Gaga: has a vine with roses on her lower back.

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