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How To Care For a Tattoo

Tattoo Care

Proper care of a new tattoo affects how the tattoo will appear for the rest of your life. Remembering this may help you deal with the dreaded itchy period – don't scratch!

Aftercare involves keeping your new tattoo clean, following a regimen of antibacterial ointments and avoiding long exposure to water and sun.

Ongoing care for healed tattoos involves careful shaving of tattooed areas, applying sunscreen for protection and may also involve returning to the tattoo artist for touch-ups.

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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

An estimated 50% of those who choose to get tattoos regret the decision. Removing tattoos is no simple affair, nor is it always possible. Removing a tattoo is painful and expensive. After removal, the skin is often scarred by blemishes, blotches or discoloration.

Most tattoo removal nowadays is done by laser. Black ink is deemed the easiest to remove, colors are more problematic. The type of ink used and the tattoo’s location also affect chances for successful removal.

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Tattoo FAQ

Tattoo FAQ

If you are new to tattooing, your head is probably filled with questions.

What are the most popular designs used for tattoo art? How do you choose a tattoo artist? What do tattoos cost? How much pain can I expect?

Whether you are thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time or about adding another, staying up-to-date with information about tattoo procedures, tattoo care and tattoo styles is essential.

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The History of Tattoo Art

History of Tattoos

The origins of tattooing go a long way back.

Ötzi the “Iceman,” who's remains have recently been found in the Alps and who is estimated to have died 5,200 years ago, had 59 tattoos. Tattoos have also been found on Egyptian mummies that have been carbon-dated to 2000 B.C.

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Body Art

Body Art

Human body art encompasses not only tattoos and piercings, but also practices like scarification, stretching, branding, beading and body paint.

Not all of these practices are without risk, so make sure you inform yourself well.

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Permanent Make Up

Permanent Makeup

Also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing has its origins in the 1980s. First developed to hide the effects of hair loss, the field expanded to include cosmetic help for those scarred by burns, followed by applications for those who have difficulty applying makeup, such as people who suffer from arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

The practice has become a popular choice in this century for people seeking a release from the daily application of makeup. While the inks used in permanent makeup are regulated, regulations for practitioners vary by state – some states have no regulations at all, resulting in a slew of medical horror stories.

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Medical Tattoos

Medical Tattoos

Medical tattoos are occasionally used by patients with certain chronic diseases to serve as a warning should immediate medical attention be required. They are also used by radiotherapists to help define the irradiated field and by surgeons to fill in pigment lost during mastectomies or reconstruction surgeries.

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Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos

Lawsonia inermis, commonly called Henna, is the flowering plant from which a paste is derived to use for the application of temporary tattoos. Henna tattoos represent ancient cultural traditions in south Asia, where they are primarily applied for ceremonial use. They are drawn on the skin and fade away gradually as the skin sheds.

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Design Your Own Tattoo

Design Your Own Tattoo

Designing your own tattoo is not an easy job when your drawing skills are not adequate. Nevertheless it can be very rewarding to do at least a part of the design process yourself. Read on to find out how...

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