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Currently there are galleries for tribal, dragon, female, flower, foot, bird, butterfly and cross tattoos, more is on its way...


Female tattoo gallery

Female Tattoo Gallery

There was a time when a female with a tattoo was frowned upon, today 1 in 10 women got ink somewhere on their body, a trend set by celebrities like Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, ...


Dragon Tattoo Gallery

Dragon Tattoo Gallery

Dragons are mythological creatures that are very popular in Asian & Western mythology. As a tattoo design, tribal dragons, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian dragons are the most common.




Foot tattoo gallery

Foot Tattoo Gallery

The feet are becoming a popular place to have ink lately. Despite some cons like being painful and blurring over time, the foot is a nice place to have a tat, especially for a woman. The most popular tattoo design for feet are flowers.


Fairy Tattoo Gallery

Fairy Tattoo Gallery

Britney Spears' famous fairy tattoo inspired a lot of girls to get one of their own. Fairy tattoos symbolize eternal youth. Fairies look beautiful and innocent, but have supernatural powers and a touch of evil...


Cross tattoo gallery

Cross Tattoo Gallery

The cross is one of the most ancient symbols around and makes a great tattoo design, whether it is to express your religion and spirituality or not. Popular cross designs are the Celtic cross, the Christian cross and the Ankh.


Cool Tattoos Gallery

Cool Tattoos Gallery

Lots of really cool tattoos in this gallery. Browse the pictures to get some cool tattoo ideas for your own art.


Heart Tattoo Gallery

Heart Tattoo Gallery

Heart tattoos have been popular since the dawn of modern tattoo art. The heart is of course the symbol of love which explains the popularity of heart designs for tattoos. Most tattooed are tribal hearts, broken hearts, rose hearts and sacred heart tattoos.


Tribal tattoo gallery

Tribal Tattoo Gallery

Tribal tattoo designs are getting more and more popular these days, and it's not hard to see why. Popular designs are the tribal dragon, rose, crosses, the tribal sun, tiger, angel wings and the tribal bird.


Unique Tattoos

Unique Tattoo Photo Gallery

A tattoo photo gallery of tattoos that I find unique. I think it's always the best idea to have your tattoo artist design a custom tattoo for you, a design that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Butterfly tattoo gallery

Butterfly Tattoo Gallery

Butterfly tattoos are very popular amongst women and they come in all shapes, sizes and a wide range of colors. The most popular places for a butterfly tattoo are the upper arm and lower back.


Flower tattoo gallery

Flower Tattoo Gallery

Flowers are beautiful objects and are perfect for a tattoo design because of their huge variety and colorfulness. Popular tattoo flowers are Hawaiian and other exotic flowers, lotus flowers, hibiscus, daisies, cherry blossom and lilies.


Bird tattoo gallery

Bird Tattoo Gallery

Bird tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo designs of the Western world. Thanks to the old school revival, they are in vogue again. Most popular are swallow tattoos, followed by phoenix tattoos.


Crazy Tattoos Gallery

Crazy Tattoos Gallery

The majority of the crazy tattoos in this gallery are crazy in a good way, and some are not (you'll see which ones I mean). I don't want to critic the ones that are not though, everybody does with his body what he wants...


Tattoos gone bad

Bad Tattoos Gallery

Unfortunately there are a lot of bad tattoos around. The selection on this page is definitely in the "really bad tattoos" category. Why do people do this to themselves when there are so many good artists nowadays?