Tattoo Ideas For Girls & Women

Tattoo Ideas


So, you’ve decided to get a tattoo, but you're not sure about the design yet. If I may give you a few words of advice: take the time to find your dream tattoo and don't go for anything less. After all, there’s a lot at stake: it’s an image you’ll be living with for the rest of your life.

A second word of advice: don't choose a design because it's trendy or beautiful. The best tattoo ideas are the ones that are meaningful to you because they mark a special event in your life. Tattoos should be an expression of who you are or what you believe in.

In the gallery below you'll find 50 original tattoo ideas that will inspire you:


And Miles To Go Before I Sleep
Quote Tattoo


Cute Butterflies & Stardust
Butterflies tattoo on a girl's neck


Stylish Black Rose
Stylish black rose tattoo


Shooting Star Tattoo
Shooting star tattoo on a girl's side


Free as a Bird
Birds tattoo on a girl's shoulder


Swirly Butterfly
Swirly butterfly on a girl's side


Tummy Text
Text tattoo on a girl's belly


Keeping It Real
Girl with a text tattoo on her torso


Crown Tattoo
Rose tattoo on a girl's shoulder


Rose tattoo under a girl's ear


Free Yourself
Dandelion tattoo on a girl's side


She's Got Legs...
Text tattoo on a woman's legs


Cute Butterfly
Cute butterfly tattoo


Angel Wings Tattoo
Angel wings and text tatoo on a woman's back


Swirly Stars
Swirly stars tattoo


Swirly Butterflies
Swirly butterflies tattoo on a woman's back


Namaste tattoo on a girl's upper arm


Falling Leaves
Falling leaves tattoo on a girl's back


Stars Tattoo
Stars tattoo on a woman's neck


Feather Tattoo
Feather tattoo on a woman's side


Swirly Stars Wrist Tattoo
Stars tattoo on wrist


Hummingbird & Cherry Blossom
Hummingbird and cherry blossom tattoo


Swirly Flowers
Flowers tattoo on a woman's back


Floral Leg Tattoo
Flower and vine tattoo on a girl's leg


Music notes tattoo on a girl's leg


Rose & Cross
Cross and rose tattoo on a girl's back


Love is in the Ear
Quote Tattoo


Koi Fish Tattoo
Girl with a koi fish tattoo


Beauty is Power
Tattoo lettering


Chinese Back Tattoo
Girl with a Chinese back tattoo


Sparrow Tattoo
Sparrow and flowers tattoo on a woman's arm


Black Roses
Black roses tattoo on a woman's back


Floral Shoulder Tattoo
Floral shoulder tattoo
You Only Live Once...
Girl with a quote tattoo on her side


A Map of the World
World map tattoo


Retro tattoo on a girl's back


Bible Quote
Bible quote tattoo on a girl's back


Floral Pattern
Floral pattern tattoo


Angel Wings
Cross and angel wings tattoo on a girl's lower back


Butterfly and flowers tattoo on shoulder


Dandelion Butterflies
Dandelion and butterflies tattoo on a woman's back




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