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A tribal dragon tattoo gives you the best of two worlds: a creature of far eastern mythology combined with the popular form of tribal art. Traditionally, eastern tattooing depicts symbolic creatures in rich, vibrant colors, a great contrast to the monochrome style of tribal art.

Dragons have a difference in meaning between cultures: in the West, the dragon is seen as an evil creature, in the East as a benevolent. The meaning of a tribal dragon tattoo is usually something personal though.


Dragon in tribal design



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Here's our gallery of tribal dragon tattoo designs, click the thumbnails to enlarge:


Lower back tribal dragon tattoo


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Colorful tribal dragon tattoo Tribal dragon tattoo with flames in the background Tribal dragon art (black)
Cute tribal dragon tattoo design Tribal Dragon Chinese dragon tattoo with tribal, flames and planets
Tribal dragon head tattoo (black) Black tribal dragon tattoo with red eye Tribal dragon tattoo design
Cyberbotic dragon tattoo wtih tribal patterns Western tribal dragon tattoo Tribal dragon head


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Lore of the Dragon

Dragons have a rich mythological history in both Asian and European cultures. In some societies, they were related to water and were serpentine in nature. In other societies, they were winged, more related to the skies and could fly.

Here are a few of the many legends and myths that surround these unique creatures:


Tattoo design of 2 tribal flamed dragons



Most people go for a black tribal dragon, both you might want to add a little color somehow for a striking effect of contrast. For instance, an all black design with that has bright red flames shooting out of the mouth, red eyes and/or a bright red sun as a background.


Black tribal dragon tattoo with a red eye and red sun in the background


If you are considering a larger piece, then you might want to include other creatures that are closely related. For example, in many of the Asian philosophies, dragons were paired with other animals or symbols that had special meaning:


Pics Gallery

Here are some more pics of tribal dragon tattoos:


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Black Tribal Dragon on a girl's shoulder and neck Tribal dragon head tattoo on upper arm Tribal dragon tattoo on upper arm
Celtic tribal dragon tattoo on upper arm Tribal dragon rendered in flames Dragon tattoo with tribals, bamboo, koi fish and cherry blossom