Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal flower tattoo

In recent years, a style that we can call the New Tribal has emerged. Symbols that have nothing to do with the original tribal designs are combined with the typical lines, curves and interlocking formations of traditional tribal tattoos.

In the case of New Tribals, it is the decoration surrounding the central element that marks them as tribal. Here you can find an overview of symbols that are often combined with tribal tattoo designs.


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Tribal Tattoos                        Tribal Tattoo



Tribal Armband Tattoos

Armband tattoos are designs that usually wrap around the wrist or biceps. The tribal version is often black and has the usual tribal patterns, sometimes encircling a symbol like a cross or yin yang sign.


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Tribal Armband Tattoo Tribal Armband Tribal Armband Tattoo


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Tribal Cross Tattoos

The cross is a very old symbol and appears in many religions around the world. A cross is a good symbol to express one's spirituality or religion and it lends itself well to a tribal adaptation


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Celtic Cross Tat Tribal Cross Tattoo Tribal Cross Tattoo


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Tribal Lion Tattoos

The lion is the king of all animals, a religious symbol and the embodiment of pure power, so it's not hard to where the attraction of lion tattoos comes from. A tribal lion tattoo usually pictures the head only.


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Tribal Lion Tattoo Lioness Tattoo Lion Tattoo Design


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Tribal Sun Tattoos

The sun is a powerful symbol. People have always (literally) looked up to and worshipped that mysterious glowing sphere, that's why it appears in so many legends. The sun is associated with life and fertility.


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Celtic Sun Tattoo Tribal Sun Tattoo Tribal Sun Tattoo


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Tribal Heart Tattoos

I don't have to tell you that the heart is the symbol of love. Tribal heart tattoos are usually worn by girls and women.


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Tribal Heart Tribal Heart Tattoo Lower Back Heart Tattoo


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Tribal Tiger Tattoos

The tiger is a very powerful symbol and appears a lot in Asian tattoo genres. It is a symbol for power, beauty and cruelty.


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Tribal Tiger Tattoo Tribal Tiger Tattoo Tribal Tiger


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Feminine Tribal Tattoos

Generally speaking, tribal tattoos have a masculine energy about them, given their bold, thick lines. At the same time, they are versatile and they tend to look very good on women as well. Maybe it's the appeal of the contrast.

More feminine tribals have the same recognizable patterns, but they tend to be smaller and more self contained. A good example might be the tribal butterfly tattoo, a popular choice for an ankle or shoulder tattoo. A larger version of the tribal butterfly can also look good on the lower back. Tribal rose tattoos are also popular in many of the same locations.


Feminine tribal tattoo (red and black)


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2 Feminine tribal moons with a red background Femine tribal with flowers and butterflies Tribal girl tattoo


Celebrities With Tribal Tattoos

  • Corey Taylor: Slipknot singer, has many tribals.
  • Mike Tyson: has a large tribal on the left side of his face.
  • Pamela Anderson: has a lower back tribal tattoo.
  • Boy George: has a tribal with a G in it on the side of his neck.
  • Melanie Brown (Mel B): has several tribals.
  • Sandra Bullock: has a tribal heart tattoo below her naval.
  • Anthony Kiedis: Red Hot Chili Peppers singer, has several tribals.
  • Manny Ramirez: left fielder for the LA Dodgers, has a tribal on his left shoulder.
  • Rusty Ryan: a fictional movie character played by Brad Pitt in the movie Ocean's Eleven. Rusty has a tribal shark tattoo on his left forearm.

    Tribal Shark Tattoo | Rusty Ryan


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