Virgo Tattoos

Virgo tattoo design

Virgo Tattoos If your birthday falls between August 23 and September 22, then you're a Virgo, the sign of the Virgin. That means the sun was passing through the constellation Virgo when you were born. Being a Virgo, you can get a Virgo tattoo to celebrate your analytical nature. Make sure you pick the right design: as a Virgo, you'll want to invest not in a tattoo you settle for, but one you love.


The Virgo Sign

Aside from being born as summer turns to fall, what defines a Virgo? According to astrology, all sun signs have distinct personalities, and yours is:

If this describes you, then you'll probably decide on the tattoo design you want only after careful consideration. It will be meticulously drawn and perfectly rendered, nothing less would do. You'll shop around for the right artist too, because an imperfect or sloppy tattoo is something you couldn't and shouldn't tolerate.


Virgo tattoo design


The Warrior Woman or the Vixen?

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgo may have the most beautiful tattoo possibilities. The sign represents the virgin, so consider all the powerful or elegant looks that a young woman might choose. You could go the traditional route and have a classical Greek maiden in a toga emblazoned on your shoulder or back. If that doesn't appeal, how about a nymph or dryad, other aspects of the virgin depicted in the constellation?

What "virginal" persona appeals to you? What about Tinkerbell, Arwen, or other elvish or fairy-like characters taken from your favorite book or movie? Be sure to include the Virgo symbol so it's clear that you're not only a fan of the character pictured, but also expressing your Virgo nature.

Virgo tattoos can be as subtle as a thumbnail-sized Virgo symbol at the nape of your neck or as ornate as a full-back piece depicting a maiden bearing the symbol on her shoulder and looking up at a night sky studded with the constellation's stars. Just because you're an introspective, analytical type doesn't mean you can't be bold when it suits you.

Here's a gallery of Virgo tattoo art:


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Virgo tattoo design Virgo tattoo design Virgo tattoo design
Virgo woman tattoo design Virgo tattoo design Virgo tattoo design
Virgo tattoo design Virgo word tattoo design Virgo tattoo design
Virgo tattoo on a girl's arm Virgo tattoo Virgo tattoo on a girl's leg
Virgo tattoo on a man's arm


The Virgo Symbol

Maybe having figural tattoos isn't your style. The Virgo symbol lends itself beautifully to tattooing. The symbol looks rather like a lowercase M that has an extra "bump" which turns back on itself, possibly echoing the introspective nature of the sign it represents. More stylized versions might incorporate knife blades and hilts, ankhs, the Christian fish symbol, or the infinity symbol as part of that final looping line.


Virgo symbol tattoo design


Some tattoos use the zodiac symbol as a framework for other meaningful art. The gentle curves of the Virgo symbol lend themselves well to being a trellis for climbing vines or roses, the center of Celtic knotwork, or as an element in a conjoined symbol with other zodiac symbols to form a new emblem that represents your bond with someone special.


Virgo tattoo design


A more hard-edged take on Virgo tattoos with more angles and fewer curves works especially well with tribal tattoos. One striking possibility incorporates the Virgo symbol with the animal that rules the year you were born in the Chinese calendar, making a statement about who you are that can be read in any language.

Here's our gallery of Virgo symbol tattoos:


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Tattoo design combination of a leo and a virgo symbol Virgo symbol tattoo design Virgo tattoo art
Ornamental virgo tattoo design Virgo symbol tattoo design Virgo symbol and flower tattoo design
Feminine virgo tattoo design Virgo symol tattoo design Virgo tattoo design
Virgo symbol and bird tattoo design Virgo symbol tattoo design Virgo symbol tattoo design
Virgo sign tattoo design Virgo sign and devil tattoo design Virgo tattoo design
Virgo and heart tattoo design Virgo symbol tattoo Virgo moon tattoo
Virgo symbol tattoo on ankle Girly virgo tattoo Virgo tattoo on a girl's neck
Virgo tattoo art


All Virgo tattoos are equally "Virgo-approved" as long as the artist works up to your exacting standards. Shop around until you get precisely what you want; as a Virgo, you don't settle for "good enough." Once you have your idea in mind, find an artist strong enough to realize your vision. Virgo tattoo ideas are limited only by your creativity and your artist's skill, so start thinking now about what you'd like to reveal about yourself in your tattoo.

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