Wrist Tattoos

Purple flowers tattoo on a girl's wrist

When you're getting a new tattoo, the location of your tattoo is just as important as the design. The inner wrist is one of the most intimate yet visible parts of the human body, a place where the heart's blood pulses close to the surface.

As with all other tattoos, the depth and significance of the design are entirely up to you. Your wrist tattoo can be full of meaning or it can be used like a permanent bracelet - an accessory that accentuates your forearm and beauty.


Bands Around the Wrist

An armband is an obvious choice for a wrist tattoo. Although they are not very original, they can be classy and elegant. Patterns in the Celtic or tribal style used to be a popular choice, but are lately being replaced by some more-inspired ideas.

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Keep It Light

Less is more when it comes to wrist tattoos. The wrist is a small place that doesn't require a big and complicated design. Small designs such as flowers, stars or hearts for example, work best.


Do wrist tattoos hurt?
The closer the skin is to the bone, the more a tattoo hurts. So, yes, a tattoo on your wrist hurts more than on most other places...


Stars tattoo on a girl's inner wrist


Here's a gallery with wrist ideas for your inspiration:

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Red bow tattoo Flower tattoo on upper wrist 2 black bows
Singing star Bird out of cage Spider tattoo on wrist
Swirly stars tattoo Rosary tattoo Inner wrist tattoo
Stars tattoo on wrist Wrist tattoo idea Black rose
Birds tattoo Swirly tattoo on outer wrist and hand Swirly wrist tattoo
Corset piercing tattoo Bow tattoo on wrist Cross and rosary


Words, Quotes & Names

Single words and quotes are popular as a wrist tattoo. Your wrist is a place you look upon a lot, that's why it's an ideal place for a motivational quote, Biblical quote or other life wisdoms.

Owing to the connection between the wrist and the heart, some couples choose to have the names of eachother tattooed upon the underside of the wrist. This form of tattoo represents a bond, and states a lifetime devotion to one's soulmate. It acts as a virtual form of marriage, not a form of ink to be taken lightly. I don't recommend these types of tattoos, ink is forever, marriages usually not...

Here are some examples of short quotes that are ideal for a wrist tattoo:

If you are religious, short scripture tattoos can be a good choice. If your favorite verse is too long, you can use the reference:


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Another idea is using the translation of a word or quote that is meaningful to you. Kanji (Japanese characters) have been very popular, but nowadays you see more and more tattoos in Sanskrit, Tibetan or Hebrew (especially Bible phrases).

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Here's an example of a Tibetan wrist tattoo:

Tibetan writing tattoo


Here are some more examples that show you that simple words are ideal for the wrist:

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Love Wrist Tattoo Faith and hope Grace
Wrist Tattoo: It's real for us Inner Wrist designs: Jessia and Jennifer Wrist tattoo with dove and heart
Kanji tattoo No regrets tattoo on a man's wrists Quote: Everyday for the rest of our lives
Inner Wrist Tattoo Quote tattoo: Passion is everything Crown tattoo on wrist


Celebrity Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos seem to be popular among celebrities as well. Here's a list:



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